Off the grid

Social media tools have become major parts of how I live my life, but I also believe that there are times when you need to protect yourself from new information and create a special space with a singular aim: full immersion in the PhD thesis – the writing-up and production of arguments and stories woven through introduction, methods, results and discussion. Envisioning the whole story requires all of my concentration and commitment.

I am about to step into an intense writing period of 2 months. To achieve this, I am going ‘off the grid’. This will be my last Web 2.0 offering until March. It will be a small achievement to see a two month gap in my Facebook activity when I resurface. More crucially, I’m looking forward to handing over a full draft of the thesis to my supervisors!

If you do email/message/comment, I will read and respond in March. I look forward to a more solid engagement with everyone post thesis submission.

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience.


3 thoughts on “Off the grid”

  1. hey mon, looking forward to catching up when you resurface. keep plugging away, you are almost at the finish line x

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