NDRI symposium, Melbourne, 6/5/11

Researchers from the National Drug Research Institute are presenting a selection of our current research and discussions of future directions for alcohol and other drug research. The symposium will be hosted by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, 54-62 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Yes, I’m involved… see final title on the program. My talk will start at around 12:30pm… I could be your entertainment while you eat your lunch 😉

It’s happening on Friday 6 May, 2011, 10.00am-1.00pm

RSVP to (08) 9266 1600 or ndri@curtin.edu.au by Friday 29 April, 2011


The role of the Institute in informing effective policy and practice – Steve Allsop

Informing alcohol policy: the role of quality evidence in informing and measuring the impact of policy – Steve Allsop

Exploring social contexts of alcohol and other drug use: Using mixed methods to inform alcohol and other drug policy – David Moore

Starting early: prevention & early intervention – Anna Stearne

Closing the gap: reducing alcohol and other drug-related harm among Indigenous Australians – Dennis Gray & Ted Wilkes

Drugs and the internet: risks and opportunities – Monica Barratt

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