2 thoughts on “Lisa Pryor’s small book on drugs”

  1. I just came across this on the festival of dangerous ideas. I look forward to reading! Essential critical thinking literature!

  2. Thanks Jenine. I bought it too. I’m glad Pryor has produced a book that the public can read which gets to the heart of what are difficult issues. I’m especially interested in her point about how people who use drugs and hide their use are making the situation worse. If people who use drugs got out there and showed the world their successes… it would rip apart the pervasive stereotypes of ‘junkies’. It takes a brave person to do this though, and for many, their jobs would be on the line. Pryor asks us to consider whether our jobs/reputations are worth protecting when this is what props up prohibition and ultimately leads to other people’s misery.

    Powerful stuff! Dangerous even 😉

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